Sunday, 20 April 2014


Trackspeed1 UK sprinter Kieran Daly - sidelined since 2012 with injury - bounced back with two scintillating performances on Saturday (19th) in Gainesville, Florida.

Daly - who is still eligible for the June national under-23 UK Championships this year - ran the fastest 200 metres of his life clocking 21.59s, although there is clearly far more to come as the summer season gets under way.

His previous best of 21.69s was overshadowed by a confident performance that was just 90 minutes after he had run the second fastest 100 metres of his life in 10.60s.  The latter was after a poor reaction out of the blocks, but a healthy pick-up, so again this mark looks destined to improve later in 2014.

The conditions were quite reasonable at the James G. Pressly Stadium for the Tom Jones Memorial meet - a contrast on previous years where storms or cold have blighted another wise top class meet.

A delighted coach, John Powell, commented: "We have known for a while Kieran is in great shape, but to open up like this when winter training has barely turned into pre-season is a great indicator of what there is to come."

Kieran was not the only TS1 athlete in good form on day one of the 2014 season.  Nearer home, Calvin Kirstein ran a fastest ever 23.1 in cold and windy conditions, while Matt Threadgold impressed after only a few weeks back on the track after lengthy absence, with a 10.9s 100m, 22.3 200m, and 50.5 4 x 400m relay split time.

Jason Hussain - another athlete returning to the track after a year out - opened up with a Southern League 100m in 11.1 ands 200m in 22.3.  "Jason messaged me in the States," said John Powell, "and he was quite disappointed, but I gather the conditions were freezing cold with a headwind, so for an opening effort in mid-April my view was that you take that and hope for better conditions next time out.

Back across the Atlantic, other TS1 athletes in action included Nathan Gilbert.  His 10.85s 100m was an unspectacular performance, but given that the athlete was suffering sciatic nerve pain half way down the straight, and will possibly need back surgery at the end of the season, it was actually a very good effort.  James Kasirye-Sebalu completed his 100m in 11.31s, and Josh Swaray the 200m in 22.35s

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