Tuesday, 14 November 2017


The days and nights are getting colder, and the training is getting tougher, but both the Trackspeed1-UK mainstream athletes and their Academy understudies are grafting away now with more PB's already predicted on the horizon!

The select few who currently populate the Academy are progressing well after an initial month of tutelage under Head Coach John Powell,and now with former Jamaican Junior International, Dean Hylton.  (Any new faces interested in theTS1-UK Academy - or mainstream squad - should email John Powell direct at trackspeed1@hotmail.com)

The main squad are well into their autumn programme now too, with a revised approach to winter by their coach already showing positive results.  Spectacular improvements by some of the squad during 2017 summer has set the bar high for 2018, and so John is eager to build on that success.

Ishmael Smith-John improved over 100m in 2017 from
11.12s to 10.79s. 'More to come in 2018' says his coach!
"The intensity of training is greater this time round," he explained, "and there is a greater thread of speed throughout the year.  We have also devised a strength and conditioning programme that integrates well with what everyone is doing on the track thanks in no small way to input from our S & C consultant, Mark Stanton.

"The Academy athletes are going well too.  We have a couple of really exciting prospects who could well form the next generation of Trackspeed1-UK graduates."

As the UK winter kicks in, coaching eyes are already on final preparations for summer though, with plans for the squad's annual trip to Florida in March/April now well under way.

"This trip is a key part of any athlete's preparation for summer," said John, "and this year we have been able to whittle the price down significantly, and hence I am very much hoping as many of the squad can travel as possible."

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