Sunday, 11 January 2015


Trackspeed1 UK takes on a different look in 2015 to this time last year, but enters the New Year with plenty of hope and ambition.

The squad depleted quite a bit during 2014, and coach John Powell has happily waved farewell to a few who decided to explore pastures new over the last few months, but that has been more than compensated for with several new faces.

"We've been in a bit of a transition over the last year or so," explained John. "As usual the vultures have circled, but also I have been quite picky on who has come in and who hasn't.

"I had to decline several requests to join last summer, because I really didn't think they would fit.  On the other hand, one or two departures have probably not been a great loss if the truth be known."

The squad, whose winter efforts this time round, have been under the shadow of talks regarding the future of their training venue at Crystal Palace, saw some of their number open up their indoor season last weekend (4/1/15) with some creditable results.

British Junior International Emmanuel Stephens clocked 6.89s over 60m, and Matthew Threadgold won the 400m clocking a healthy 50.05s - despite an official walking out in front of him on the final straight!
Matt' Threadgold opened up on Sunday
with one of the fastest 400m in the country.
"We operate at the coldest indoor track in the country," said John," so we don't have a great record indoors over the years, although I like to think that is more than compensated for during the summer!  Just think if the powers that be gave us a decent facility one day!

"I was pretty impressed overall with the opening day - we've focussed a little more on block work this year, and it was great to see all the 60m guys and girls get out of the blocks well at least once across the two rounds.  I'm really hopeful of a terrific outdoors this year."

Trackspeed1 UK athletes were competing at the Metaswitch Games, at lee Valley Athletics Centre.  Some of their number are next in action at the same venue when the South of England Championships are staged this next weekend 17-18th January.  It could be quite a challenging weekend with the event not beginning until middle day, and continuing well into the evening!

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