Sunday, 3 August 2014


Trackspeed1 UK Head Coach John Powell hosted his entire group of athletes at his Petts Wood home today (Sunday 3rd), including all nine new additions that will comprise the new squad for 2014/15, and it was agreed by all - the new athletic year already promises to be really exciting!

"It was a great opportunity for me to deliver a few key messages and lay out plans for winter," explained John, "and also a chance for everyone to chill out and relax whilst also networking with each other, with the new names getting to know everyone else in the group.  There was also the added bonus of my wife producing half a ton of Thai yellow curry, which went down very well indeed!

"We aren't involved in the Commonwealth Games or European Championships this year, and so the season has ended for most quite early.  From a coaching point of view that's been great, because I've met every athlete individually over the past week, reviewed their season, and agreed objectives for 2015.  I'm a great believer in planning, and you can never start too early.

"We again have a great package on offer for what is an entirely unfunded group.  It ranges from trackside physio' at some training sessions, to partnerships with two leading local practices, a kit deal with Adidas which I dearly hope will continue, not to mention a wealth of experience and advice in the consultants I regularly dip into for views and advice all over the globe as well as in the UK.

"I am looking to work with a mentor from England Athletics on the strength and conditioning side of things, and we even have an agent now overseeing many of our athletes, which could be a massive asset if a few more break through into top level athletics."

'Trackspeed1 UK' at Head Coach John Powell's house today (Sunday 3rd) for an end of season / pre-winter get-together.  All bar 2 athletes attended, including (front right) physiotherapists Lucy Eggleton and Rebecca Webber.
Apart from a few words of wisdom from the coach, also addressing the group was physiotherapist Rebecca Webber, who attended with another TS1 therapist, Lucy Eggleton, who works alongside Dr John Allen.  Jonathan Alexandra had some input on nutrition issues and lifestyle, while the longest serving athlete in the group, Jason Hussain, said:

"We've had a lot of athletes come and go in this group over the years, and their progress has varied, but there is no substitute for doing the work John gives you.  We are in a strong position now with the new faces in the squad to really make an impact next year - ultimately it's down to everyone to take advantage of this opportunity, support each other, and hopefully then PB next year."

"It's barely August, but I'm already looking forward to the winter training phase," said John.  "I'm integrated a few new ideas into our workouts this year which I've taken from other coaches both at home and abroad, and I know the programme we offer this time round as a whole is going to be amazing for those who engage and do the work."

'Trackspeed1 UK' will be travelling to Florida again in March for pre-season training at Clermont as in past years - a five week trip - which John hopes will again put the cherry on the icing on the cake regarding preparation for the outdoor season.

"We have the potential to score a lot of really significant successes next year, and I for one will be doing everything in my power to ensure we deliver against our potential."

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