Saturday, 29 March 2014


Trackspeed1 UK’s annual pre-season training camp in the USA sadly left behind a large portion of the squad this year, but a new member of staff is in the process of making it a very worthwhile trip for those who did make the journey!

Physiotherapist Rebecca Webber has proved a huge hit with both athletes and coach.  She is in the process of conducting full screenings of each athlete, and has organised daily clinics to avail treatment or maintenance post-training sessions.
New Trackspeed1 UK physiotherapist,
Rebecca Webber MSc MSCP
The group are based again at the USA National Triathlon Training Centre in Clermont, not far from Orlando, Florida.  They are benefitting this year from the added feature of a brand new track that was laid just weeks ago.

Trackspeed1 UK Head Coach, John Powell, who is leading the group again this year was very enthused by the group’s 2014 set-up:

“Rebecca has proved a big hit,” he said, “and she is very professional and clearly knows her stuff.  We have had the privilege of Dr John Allen in past years – one of the best therapists in the UK – and there was always a danger we could lose out on his expertise, but Rebecca is delivering a very impressive physio’ service indeed.

“The Clermont facility was showing signs of wear last year, so to turn up to a brand new track was an added bonus,” he continued.  “We are only a few days in to the trip so far, but to date things have gone remarkably well.  It’s just such a shame that so many couldn’t afford the trip this year despite a small amount of sponsorship being made available.

“Warm weather training is not only what the term suggests – training in warm weather.  It also avails the opportunity for the group to focus 24/7 on themselves as athletes, and hence improve performance in both training and the one competition we hope to take part in this year later in April.  And so far, that is exactly what they are doing!"

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