Sunday, 29 September 2013


Trackspeed1 UK have gained a priceless new partner in Technical Consultant, Walt Cline, one of the leading sources of expertise on technique in sport in the US.

Walt Cline is a Sport Science Coach and Consultant to developmental, scholastic, collegiate, and professional athletes, corporations, and military populations in the USA.  Walt's professional training and licensing has allowed him to work with athletes and individuals at every level from youth to professional.  

"I met Walt at UVA (University of Virginia, Charlottesville) and it was clear from the off that he is very passionate about sport, coaching, and possesses a massive depth of technical knowledge," said TS1 Chief Coach, John Powell.

"Even though he may be a few miles away, modern day technology can bring him over to our own front door.  He represents a fantastic source of advice for anyone in Trackspeed1 UK, not least myself, to bounce ideas off, or simply share issues with with a view to finding solutions.  I really hope some of our folks take advantage of what is surely a unique potential learning experience."

Walt has 17 years' experience coordinating and developing programming as a consultant, teacher, coach and subject matter expert to sports programs in youth, developmental, scholastic, collegiate and professional settings - in John's words, he represents "...almost the ideal source of consultancy anyone could wish for."

Trackspeed1 UK's international approach to recruiting the widest and most diverse sources of advice and ideas around training was dealt a further boost after John expanded the association with UVA Head Coach Bryan Fetzer, who willingly moved into the role of Performance Consultant from Training Advisor.

"All this may seem a little heady at first," said John, "but when we all report back for squad training on October 12, I will make sure everyone is clear on just what this represents for them as members of the group."

Asked why he didn't recruit sources of expertise nearer home, John explained: 

"There is a wealth of knowledge here in the UK, and there have been some terrific positive steps toward coach development, especially through the National Coach Development Programme, but ultimately a lot of the expertise is limited to elite athletes.  Sadly there are risks when your athlete starts talking to other coaching regimes locally too."
Walt Cline - new Trackspeed1 UK Technical Consultant.
See for his full profile and website.


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