Thursday, 8 March 2012


Trackspeed1 coach John Powell has already begun celebrating 2012 in a way he never thought would be possible in his wildest dreams!

Baby daughter Jasmine was born on February 20th a healthy 7lb 5oz, and made history the moment she entered the world.

Some 21 years ago John was diagnosed with a cancer that went on to very nearly kill him, and he was told that one of the lasting after effects would be that he would never be able to father children again.  But on advice of Doctors for that 'just in case' scenario, he froze some sperm in 1991.

Now married to his second wife, Chanphen, the couple decided in 2011 to cash in on his investment and they had enough money saved for just one round of IVF.  To John's astonishment it worked, and nine months later, Jasmine Ellen Powell turned up!

"I'm in LaLa Land," said John.  "I simply can't believe it.  I look at Jasmine now and have to pinch myself to make sure this is all happening."

John's Cancer nightmare saw him relapse twice and have a pioneering bone marrow transplant back in 1991/2.  His brush with death was rescued only by leading doctors at the time, for whose unit John then raised £7000.  But the most amazing statistic of all is that Jasmine represents the 'oldest' baby ever born in Britain via IVF, and the third oldest in the world.

By tragic coincience, Trackspeed1 athlete Jason Hussain contractd the same desease as John in 2008, but by then treatments had moved on significantly, and within 20 days of finishing chemotherapy - amazingly - he was back on the track!

Jasmine already has a Trackspeed1 babygrow waiting to be worn, but she hasn't quite grown into it yet according to John.  "I had one badged up for a bit of a giggle," he said, "and I'm sure she will be impressed when we put it on her!"
Proud Dad John Powell with baby Jasmine

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