Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Trackspeed1 coach John Powell will carry the Olympic Torch
Trackspeed1 coach John Powell rounded off an amazing week last week as he learned that he had been provisionally awarded  a leg in the Olympic Torch Relay.

John was one of the first 29 people to be notified of what will be a huge honour - to become one of the 8000 people in the UK to see the Olympic Flame safely around its journey to the Olympic Park.

John's leg will be on Monday 23rd July somewhere between Lewisham and Wandsworth, South London.  Talkiong about his nomination at the weekend, John confessd to have been nkocked for six when he received the email:

"I couldn't believe it," he said, "I knew I had been short-listed, but the odds were given as something like one in 16, so I had actually forgotten about the whole thing.  When I got the email I had to read it twice to actually take it in.

"It's amazing - to be part of something so massive as the London Olympics as a Torch Bearer is something for the family album, the grand-kids, you name it.  It will be an experience I will never forget, I am sure."

Croydon Physiotherapist Tim Allardyce nominated John in the first place - unbeknown to the 53-year-old sprits coach - citing John's suport for athletes over the years, set against the background of his full-time career as a senior London cop, and potential fatal illness some 20 years ago.  Tim said:

"I nominated John for dedicating his life into developing some of the top sprinters in the UK.  He gives an enormous amount of time to these London-based athletes, and this gives them huge opportunities to succeed in life, let alone on the track."

"Tim is a first class physio' who has been helping my athletes ever since he set up in business in Addington," said John, "and I'm not just saying that because of all this.  He has rehabilitated many injuries over the years, and even part-sponsored European Junior 200m Champion David Bolarinwa last year".

Visit Tim's website at www.croydonphysio.co.uk

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